hey, welcome

the story so far

I am a medicinae doctor in Public Health. I studied at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Rome, Sapienza, where I graduated in 2014. I was not meant to do Public Health, actually. In 2012 I started attending the laboratory of clinical immunology of Rome general hospital Umberto I (the last year of medical studies in Italy is dedicated to a long – not paid – internship) and, in 2013, I moved to Paris and started to attend the laboratory of biotherapy and clinical research center. My thesis about the interaction of B lymphocytes and regulatory T cells (the well known “CD4+FOXP3+CD25+”!) come out (for a selected public) after almost 2 years of work, in March 2014. In the same year, I started my residency programme. I spent one year of my residency in Paris, I moved to Rouen (Upper Normandy), then I went back againg to Paris. I defended the thesis (Parkinson disease in the women of a French cohort) of my master degree in epidemiology in September 2018 and my second thesis in medicine (long story short: thesis are defended during the residency programme in France - no matter if you already hold one!) in October 2019.

what is public health

Not easy to define. According to the Springer Encyclopedia of Public Health, Public Health is an empiric and multidisciplinary field whose goal is to assure conditions in which people can be healthy. While medicine mainly focuses on treating illness in separate individuals, it is the central goal of public health activities to increase health at the population level. […] The success of public health depends on adhering to the basic rules of equity, partnerships, and social justice, as well as the mobilization of local, national, and international resources.
Public Health is a quite complex discipline with one purpose: healthy population.

what you do as public health specialist
As Public Health is an extremely wide discipline, one day or another during his (or her) life, a resident has to make a choice. During the four years of my residency, I attended a master programme in epidemiology (M2 Recherche en santé publique - épidémiologie) at Université Paris Sud. I have always had a certain interest in numbers and how they help researchers to lie. So here I am. After a few months working in epidemiology and biostatistics during my residency at INSERM in Paris and Rouen University Hospital, here I am working as attending physician in the Biostatistics and Clinical Research Unit of Caen University Hospital. Yeah, Normandy forever.

what do you do there
As statician-medical doctor, I am involved in clinical trials and research projects carried out at the University Hospital of Caen. I also teach at the University of Caen.

and what about the outer space?

Public Health is a multi-disciplinary speciality: the more you meet people, the more you learn. As resident, I enjoyed being part of the European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health and CLiSP. As a Public Health specialist with a deep interest in numbers, I loved being challenged by the conversations on Health Systems and Economics had during the European Health Forum Gastein, attended thanks to Young Forum Gastein scholarship.
Now I’m really enjoying conversations around the R universe as community team member of R Forwards.


Contact me by Twitter PM, by sending an email to damianodotcerasuoloathotmaildotcom or by telegramming me.